Fun Fact Friday

Massage From Around the World: Snail Facial Massage

Experts claim that the snail essence helps remove dead skin cells as well as toxins beneath the dermal layers.
The trend started in France when snail slime was discovered for its anti-aging and deep moisturizing properties. French companies distributed cosmetic products infused with essence of escargot, but it was Ci:z.Labo, an innovative beauty salon in Japan, that first offered live snail treatments. Soon enough, other spas across the world began offering this one-of-a-kind beauty treatment, such as Ranetka, a private club in Russia which allows giant African snails crawl on the client’s face.
While the experience for most people is freakish and gross, some women pay exorbitant fees just to try it out. In Ci:z.Labo, a 5-minute snail facial costs 10,500 yen ($106). But really, why pay so much for an experience you can actually DIY in your own backyard?

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