Fun Fact Friday

Massage From Around the World: Face Slapping Massage

In the history of humanity, the slap has been a pretty reliable universal indicator of a negative reaction,
but, slaps, they are a changing, and soon they might never, ever be the same.

The revolution on slaps is being led by Mawin and Tata New Series World (their real last name), who are two of
only ten licensed practitioners of the art of something called Thai Face Slapping, which is also known as
Massage Boxing and Face Slapping Natural. It’s a rare beauty treatment based on slap therapy, and promises to
erase wrinkles, thin faces, and reverse signs of aging. It is less than 100-years-old and, they say, was
invented by the grandmother of their teacher, who has promised to only teach ten humans on Earth the secrets of
skincare slapping before she dies. Mawin and Tata don’t even know who the other certified slappers are.
They are the only two people outside of Thailand who know the fine art of face slapping, and they’re located in
San Francisco. The spa will soon also offer butt-punching, for customers whose derrieres need shaping up.

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