How to get the most out of your massage

It’s not just the massage therapist’s job to make sure that you have a
fantastic experience every time you show up for a massage session;
there are things you can do that will make sure you get what you want
and need every time you have a massage.

Relax and unwind
We know that a massage is supposed to relax you but if you show up
late, stressed and irritated, or on a timer you’ll not get the best out of
your treatment. Turn off your cell phone to make sure you’re not
interrupted. Better still, schedule your session for a time after work or
when you’re not working. If you have time, change out of your work
clothes too and wear something easy to pull back on when your
treatment is over.

Keep it clean
We shouldn’t have to say this but here goes: please shower before you
come for a massage if possible. If it’s not possible, at least try to freshen
up. We all sweat a little during the day. It’s not usually a problem, but if
you’ve been working out hard, tidying the yard or it’s unusually warm,
it’s best for everyone if you make an effort to have a quick shower
before your massage appointment. If you’re too slippery it’s harder for
a therapist to work properly and it can be quite unpleasant too.

Ask us anything
This one is most important if it’s your first time, or if you have any
health issues you’re worried about. Therapists are used to first-timers
feeling shy, so any questions about undressing, what happens in a
massage or the nitty gritty of the session are welcome.
During your massage, speak out if the pressure isn’t what you’d like or
the room isn’t the right temperature. Even tell us if you really hate the
music! We want you to enjoy the massage, so we would prefer to know
if you’re not.

Make it a regular appointment
The more regularly you have a massage, the more the effects will build
up and you’ll start to feel the benefits. Just having a massage once a
year at Christmas is nice but you’ll have to undo all those knots all over
again each time.

Let us know when you’re ill
We’ll ask you about long term or chronic conditions when you first
come to us, but if you pick up an injury or develop an illness, we also
need to know. Although pregnancy isn’t an illness, please tell us about
this, too, as it can affect some of the techniques we use and what
essential oils can be used in some types of massage, like an
aromatherapy massage.

If you have a minor infection, like a cold or flu, call your massage
therapist in advance to see if it’s wise for you to attend. Sometimes, a
massage can make illnesses worse because while your body is already
using your lymphatic system to fight the infection, a massage can
stimulate it even more. This is especially true for deep tissue and
Swedish massage. If you have any contagious skin conditions, such as
athlete’s foot, you should also let your therapist know.

Most of these tips are common sense really, but keeping them in mind
should make all of your massage treatments more enjoyable and
effective. Enjoy your massage!

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